Southside FC x KC Sports Authority

Southside FC's Owner and Head Coach Featured on KC Sports Authority Podcast


Excitement is buzzing in the Southside FC community as the club’s owner, Goddard Ogutu, and head coach, Gabe Rodriguez, recently appeared on the KC Sports Authority Podcast. The episode delved into all things Southside FC and the competitive landscape of the Select League. This appearance is a significant milestone for Southside FC, providing a platform to share their vision, challenges, and successes with a broader audience.

KC Sports Authority is an up and coming podcast that covers the dynamic world of sports in Kansas City. From the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals to Sporting KC and KU Basketball, the podcast is a go-to source for sports enthusiasts. By featuring Southside FC, KC Sports Authority has provided an opportunity to highlighting a local sports team and fostering a sense of community among fans.

During the podcast, Goddard Ogutu, the passionate owner of Southside FC, shared his journey of building and developing the club. He discussed the strategic decisions behind building a competitive team in the Select League and the importance of community support in driving the club’s success. Ogutu’s vision for Southside FC extends beyond winning matches; he aims to create a lasting legacy by nurturing young talent and promoting soccer at the grassroots level.

Head Coach Gabe Rodriguez offered insights into the team’s preparation and the tactical approaches that have brought success on the field. He also spoke about the challenges the team faces in the Select League and how they strive to overcome them through hard work and determination.

The podcast episode was not just about the club’s leadership but also about celebrating the entire Southside FC community. Ogutu and Rodriguez expressed their gratitude towards the fans, players, and staff who have been instrumental in the club’s journey. They highlighted various community initiatives and outreach programs that Southside FC is involved in, reinforcing the club’s commitment to giving back to the community that supports them.

The episode featuring Goddard Ogutu and Gabe Rodriguez is available on Spotify and YouTube. Fans and followers can listen to the engaging conversation by searching for KC Sports Authority on these platforms. Southside FC encourages everyone to tune in, give the podcast a follow, and stay updated with all the latest developments in Kansas City sports.

As Southside FC continues to grow and make its mark in the Select League, the support from platforms like KC Sports Authority is invaluable. The club looks forward to more opportunities to share their story, connect with fans, and inspire the next generation of soccer enthusiasts.

For more updates on Southside FC, follow the club on their official social media channels and stay tuned for more exciting news and events. Together, we are Southside Strong!

Thank you to KC Sports Authority for providing this wonderful opportunity. Your dedication to covering all aspects of Kansas City sports helps to strengthen our community and support local teams.

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